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Our Financials

The Fund for Global Human Rights embraces and practices the core values of accountability and transparency. Every action we take is for the benefit of our activists we fund and their communities.

The Fund also prides itself on its efficient use of your donations:

86 percent of our spending is program-focused.

Our Expenses

We are grateful to our friends and supporters who share our vision of a world where all people live with dignity and have the power to secure their rights.

% 86 Program Activities % 6 General Management % 8 Fundraising

Annual Report


Our annual report 2022-2023 details key moments of progress made over the last fiscal year. We share these achievements with the activists we support and the dedicated donors who make this work possible.

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Financial Documents

The Fund is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (Federal Tax ID 75-3029336) and a UK registered charity (Charity Number 1151043 and Company Number 08357053).

All donations are tax-exempt to the extent allowed by law.

Financial Year 2022-23

Download Our 2022/23 Audited Financial Statements

Download Our 2022/23 990 Form

Download Our 2022/23 UK Annual Report and Accounts

Financial Year 2021-22

Download Our 2021/22 Audited Financial Statements

Download Our 2021/22 990 Form

Download Our 2021/22 UK Annual Report and Accounts

Financial Year 2020-21

Download Our 2020/21 Audited Financial Statements

Download Our 2020/21 990 Form

Download Our 2020/21 UK Annual Report and Accounts

How We Ensure Funds Are Used Wisely

The Fund is committed to ensuring that our investments are used effectively. Before an organization receives a grant from the Fund, it undergoes a stringent review of its financial health, capacity, and community reputation. Current grantees are reviewed twice a year for these measures, as well as for progress toward strategic goals. If any concern about the misuse of funds or potential corruption arises, we promptly investigate.

All funded groups must meet the requirements of a charitable organization, as defined by United States and United Kingdom law. (The Fund currently does not hold open calls for proposals.)

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How We Manage Risk

Human rights work, with its fundamental aim of shifting power structures, naturally incurs risk. Our financial commitments and risk tolerance are regularly reviewed by our Global Board of Directors. This includes a risk register managed by the Board, our UK Trustees, and staff leadership that measures legal, digital, and security factors, as well as efforts to mitigate them. Fund staff also talk openly with grantees about their risk tolerance and what kinds of measures they are taking to ensure security for themselves and their communities.