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Our Approach

The Fund for Global Human Rights believes that the people whose rights are denied belong at the forefront of the push for change.

We Identify

We find grassroots activists and organizations with bold solutions to big problems.

  • We specialize in identifying early-stage groups in remote areas where activists lack access to funding.
  • Our staff, who come from and live in the regions where they work, give us unique insight into local human rights movements.

We Invest

We raise money to fund the most effective and innovative human rights defenders we find.

  • We deliver grants to activists and organizations working in difficult or dangerous regions that other funders can’t reach.
  • Beyond grantmaking, we provide tools, training, emergency support, and a global network of committed allies.

We Trust

We give activists the support and solidarity they need to turn their own ideas into action.

  • We offer flexible funding with no strings attached because activists know best how to use their resources.
  • By taking smart risks on new and nontraditional activists, our approach to philanthropy is bolder and more inclusive.

We Transform

We build powerful movements for change that have improved millions of lives worldwide.

  • The activists and organizations we fund overturn unjust laws, push for progressive policies, and challenge entrenched systems of oppression.
  • Together, we’ve transformed communities across the globe by protecting and promoting their human rights.

Our Impact


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Support from our community helps activists change lives—and the world. Together, we are:


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What we do

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