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What We Do

The Fund for Global Human Rights currently invests in and supports more than 300 grassroots activists and groups in over 50 countries. Together, we’re defending the rights of millions of people around the world.

How we work


We find grassroots activists and organizations with bold solutions to big problems.


We raise money to fund the most effective and innovative human rights defenders we find.


We give activists the support and solidarity they need to turn their own ideas into action.


We build powerful movements for change that have improved millions of lives worldwide.

Where we work

Our regional programs support activists working across causes to build strong, connected, country-wide movements for change.

What we work on

Our global initiatives span communities, countries, and continents to tackle shared challenges and drive progress around the world.

We help activists resist and overcome the physical, psychological, and digital threats they face while defending the fundamental rights to stand up, speak out, and create change.

Learn more about our Civic Power work

We offer community-based and youth-led groups the support they need to ensure that children and young people grow up educated, empowered, healthy, and safe.

Learn more about our Children’s and Youth Rights work

We support visionary environmental activists who are developing community-based solutions to climate change and laying the foundations of a greener future

Learn more about our Climate Justice work

We partner with grassroots labor activists across the globe to expand market access and help workers—especially outside the formal economy—build their collective power.

Learn more about our Labor Rights work

Through the Legal Empowerment Fund, we support activists who are helping their communities address systemic injustices by developing legal solutions rooted in local values.

Learn more about our Legal Empowerment work

We fuel the work of LGBTQ+ leaders and allies who are disrupting discriminatory practices, overturning homophobic and transphobic laws, and defending the right to love.

Learn more about our LGBTQ+ Rights work

We invest in activists who support migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers along every part of their difficult journey because we believe in more welcoming world.

Learn more about our Migrants’ Rights work

We back brave feminists who are pushing back against the patriarchy, demanding equality, and creating opportunity for women and girls everywhere.

Learn more about our Women’s Rights work


Our support has helped grassroots activists transform their communities and improve millions of lives worldwide. Since 2002, we’ve made a real impact.


Amount given in grants to activist groups.


Activists and organizations we’ve supported.


Countries where we’ve supported activists.

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