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North Africa and the Mediterranean

Since 2004, the Fund has helped grassroots human rights organizations in North Africa and the Mediterranean support their communities through dictatorships, revolutions, displacement, and climate change.

The activists we support promote the rights of women, LGBTQ people, and other marginalized communities fighting for justice across North Africa. And they work on both sides of the Mediterranean to meet the material and legal needs of migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers.




Tens of thousands of people have migrated to France in recent years. We support activists that document human rights abuses, help migrants navigate complex resettlement procedures, and change intolerant attitudes and laws.



For countless migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers, the shores of Greece are the gateway to Europe. We support activists on the ground who help people access lifesaving support and advocate for more humane policies.



Despite its relative stability, Morocco still grapples with issues of inequality and discrimination. We help grassroots groups expand economic opportunity, freedom of expression, and political inclusion for marginalized communities including women and youth.



Spain is one of the main entry points for migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers arriving in Europe. We give local organizations the support they need to protect the rights and lives of migrants at this critical crossroads.



Since the peaceful uprising in 2011, Tunisians—especially women and LGBTQ people—continues to face economic and political hurdles. We invest in local organizations that are committed to forming a strong, stable democracy that protects everyone’s human rights.



Turkey hosts more than 4 million refugees, mostly people forced from their homes in neighboring Syria. We work with local activists and organizations to protect their human rights and humanitarian needs.


We’ve delivered more than $14.8 million in support

to over 125 grassroots groups working to address:

Success Story

Helena’s Story

Saving lives shouldn’t be a crime. But Helena Maleno—the director of Morocco-based group Caminando Fronteras—has faced criminal charges and death threats for protecting and promoting the rights of migrants in North Africa and the Mediterranean.

Since 2015, the Fund has helped power the lifesaving work of Caminando Fronteras. Learn more about how Helena fought the case against her—and won.

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