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Our Supporters

We are deeply grateful to our Global Activist Alliance–our community of supporters whose extraordinary commitments power lasting social change.

This incredible dedication sustains the Fund’s investments in grassroots groups fighting for equality and justice. Thank you for furthering human rights progress around the world.

Thank you to our donors

Akwasi Aidoo
Joy and Jon Alferness
Antonio Alvarez
David L. and Melinda M. Anderson Fund
Virginia Antoniotti
Margaret Aumann
Christopher Avery
Patty Bacon
Helen Baptist
Elizabeth Barratt Brown
Michael Bartlett
Erin Beal
Marissa Benetsky
Owen Berson
Malika Bierstein
Blue Oak Foundation
Blue Sky Social Justice Fund
Kevin E. Boulde
Anne Brener
Johanna Brenner
Brewer Family Charitable Fund
Brody Family Fund
Lu Bryant
Gabriela Bucher
Leah Budson
Melissa Bukuru
Wayne and Cynthia Bullaughey
Treva Burger
Nancy Burnett
Brandee Butler
The Laurie Campbell Foundation
Margaret Carey
Louis Castaing
Luis Chen
Chris Chi
Hannah Cho
Jaynee Collins
Columbine Unitarian Universalist Church
Kevin Connell
Sue Corbin
David Covey
Steven Craddock
Gwenneth Craig
Sam Cunningham
Allison Davis
Janice Dendler
David Destefano
Kalvinder Dhillon
Christen Dobson
Fran Dorn
Ria Eagan
Anne Erde
Martha Evans
Tara Farnsworth
First Unitarian Congregational Society
First Unitarian Universalist Church
Daniel Fisher
Fledgling Fund
Fritz Fleischmann
Constance Fong
French American Charitable Trust
Robert Friedman
Denise Fronhofer
Fuller Family Charitable Trust
Gelo-Hoffman Giving Fund
Sharon Gensch
Michael Giberson
Matt Glickman and Susie Hwang Fund
Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church
Patricia Goldblatt
Leonard Goldner
Stuart Greif
Katharine Guthrie
Mark Haberland
Helen Hampton
Elisabeth Hanrahan
Gary Harner
Hart-Baird Charitable Fund
Marilyn Hartig
Nikki Heaston
Bluma Herman
Hinerfeld-Jaskowiak Giving Fund
David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation
Syed Hoda
Judith Hopkinson
Liesl Hostetter
Jacqueline Hull
Kurtis Hunsberger
Melissa Huther
Independent Franchise Partners (IFP)
Phyllis Johnston
Devin Kaminsky
Dan Kaslow
Donna Kenealy
Jeff Klein
Kvochak Family Charitable Fund
Joseph Lach
Gara Lamarche
Langer Family Foundation
Nancy and John LaPann Charitable Gift Fund
David Lapello
Michael Lesiak
Carol Salmanson and Stephen Leto
Bree Liscinsky
Sue Ann Lorig
Cheryl Loudon
Rachel And Lowell Swarts
Joeph Lyles
Dee Mackenzie
Winnie Mackintosh
Macrae Broadbent Family Fund
Patricia Madden
Joshua Mailman and Monica Winsor
Helene Mann
Gina Maya and Richard Capelouto
Kim Mccant
The Estate of Carse McDaniel
Thomas Mcdonough
Younes Mekkaoui
Wesley Middleton
Steven Miller
Evan Miller
Michael Miller
Ernest Montgomery
Scott Moore
Coralie Mueller
Pavankumar Mulabagal
Joyjit Nath
Jonah Needelman
Nancy Nichols
Stephanie and Tim Noack
Kay Noel
Pj Oaks
Deborah Ogden
Michael Ohalloran
Richard Orser
Leslie Owen
Holly Paine
Dylan Pereira
Elizabeth Perkins
Susan Peters
Joan Pfeffer
Christopher Pilafian
Emma Playfair
Chloée Ponchelet and Michael Goltzman
Ana Ponz
Phillip Potter
Jen Pratt
Jason Reed
Ge Regr
Marghuerita Remi-Judah
Devin Riggins
Bennett Robbins
Maria Rodriguez
Mr. Norman R. Rogers
Christine and Douglas Rohde Fund
Cristina Romero
Ginger Rubinstein
Tracey Russell
Mikko Saavalainen
Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church
Santa Clarita Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Shira Saperstein and Mark Rovner
Schmidt Family Foundation
Jo Schwartz
Emily Scott
Corinne Servily
Jean Shirkoff
Aaron Shori
Leonard Schuchman
Lonnie Shumsky
Wendy Simmons-Taylor
Sage Skog
The Spottiswoode Fund
Kurt Steele
The Estate of Mary Ann Stein
Denise Storm
Mary Strachan
Lorena Sullivan
Linda Sullivan
Cynthia Sypher-Lopez
Paula Talarico
The Unitarian Society of Ridgewood, NJ
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington
Eric Thomas
Rochelle Thorne
Trellis Charitable Fund
Unitarian Universalist Church of Concord
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland
The Van Pelt & Holman Charitable Fund
Joan Vermeulen
Mary Vivacqua
Carly Voigt
Maggie Wachsberger
Curtin Weaver Fund
Michelle Taft Webb
Wengert Family Fund
Jon Wheeler
Max Whitaker
Dale Widman
Edward Wight
Lavonzell Wilks
Carole Wilson
Peter and Carolyn Woodbury
Xan Xander

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