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Our Leadership

Find out about our incredible team and the experienced leaders from around the world that help guide us.

Our Team

We are a passionate group of 55+ individuals working across the globe to support grassroots activism. To protect the privacy and security of our team, we do not list staff members.

Our Leadership

Gabriela Bucher

Gabriela Bucher

President and CEO

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Brandee Butler

Brandee Butler

Deputy CEO

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Tracey Deal

Tracey Deal

VP of Global Operations

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David Mattingly

David Mattingly

VP for Programs

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Rona Peligal

Rona Peligal

VP for Development and Communications

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Global Board of Directors

Kalvinder Dhillon (Chair)

Gara LaMarche (Vice Chair)

Ed McKinley (Treasurer)

Joy Alferness

Melissa Bukuru

Martin Dunn

Laurie Richardson

Dylan Pereira

Miguel Pulido

Anish Malhotra

LaShawn Jefferson

Tabara Ndiaye

Gasser Abdel-Razek

Tom Steinberg

Board members serve in an individual capacity for three (3) terms of three (3) years, as defined by the Fund’s by-laws.

UK Board of Trustees

The Fund for Global Human Right UK is the European sister organization of the Fund for Global Human Rights (charity number 1151043). Based in London, the Fund for Global Human Rights UK works independently to fund frontline human rights defenders in close collaboration and with support from the Fund for Global Human Rights (based in Washington, D.C.).

The Fund for Global Human Rights UK is independently governed by a Board of Trustees with deep expertise in charity governance, human rights work, and philanthropy. UK trustees also sit on the Fund’s Global Board of Directors to allow both entities to align strategies and vision.

Kalvinder Dhillon (Chair)

Chris Canavan

Anish Malhotra

Founding Board Members

Joshua Mailman

Mary Ann Stein (1943-2023)

Mona Younis

Emeritus Board

Mariclaire Acosta

Kemal Ahmed

Akwasi Aidoo

Philip Alston

Adrian Arena

Hossam Bahgat

George Biddle

Holly Cartner

Glen Galaich

Thomas Hammarberg

Hina Jilani

Amy Rao

Mary Robinson

Darian Swig

Tahir Basheer

Scott Cohen

Emma Playfair

Nicola Usborne