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LGBTQ+ Rights

We all have the same human rights.

But for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) people worldwide, being open and out means dealing with discrimination, harassment, or worse.

In every region where we work, the Fund supports fearless LGBTQ+ activists who are realizing their bold visions for social, economic, and political equity.



still have laws that effectively criminalize homosexuality.



of transgender people in 2020.



hide their sexual orientation.

We believe in a future where everyone is free to love who they love and be who they are. Meet a few of the brave LGBTQ+ activists who share our vision for equality.


How We Fight For LGBTQ+ Equality

Ensuring access to health and safety

LGBTQ+ people endure regular threats to their lives and livelihoods. We help activists protect vulnerable LGBTQ+ people from persecution by providing access to health care and safe shelter.

Promoting legal protections

Only 11 countries worldwide offer constitutional protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation. We help activists overturn prejudiced statutes and enshrine LGBTQ+ rights in law.

Championing economic empowerment

Greater economic inclusion is proven to benefit emerging economies. We help activists ensure that LGBTQ+ people have the resources and protections they need to succeed in the labor force.

Building community support

Despite much progress, there is still a sharp global divide over LGBTQ+ rights. We help activists provide education and raise awareness to build positive, accepting communities.

Providing free legal aid

In many countries, LGBTQ+ people still lack adequate access to justice. We help activists provide pro bono legal support to LGBTQ+ people facing discriminatory legal action.

Success Story

Defending the right to love

Uganda’s 2014 Anti-Homosexuality Act banned same-sex relations and effectively criminalized homosexuality. But it also united human rights defenders across the country into a powerful movement for equal rights—with global support. Learn from Leticia, founder of Queer Youth Uganda, how a coalition of different rights activists came together to support the LGBTQ+ movement and defeat Uganda’s horrifying law.

2 people with rainbow flags at a LGBTQ parade in Philippines

Do you support LGBTQ+ rights?

Help activists fight for love around the world.

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Or learn about more ways to get involved.

Do you support LGBTQ+ rights?

Help activists fight for love around the world.

Donate Now

Or learn about more ways to get involved.

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