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Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia—where many governments violently restrict activism—the Fund supports grassroots organizations that bravely pursue justice, accountability, and equal rights for marginalized or at-risk communities.

Since 2008, we’ve helped local activists and organizers challenge government impunity, protect people’s lands and livelihoods from harmful development projects, and provide essential services to people in need.




Military rule and armed conflict have displaced over a million people—mostly ethnic minorities—in Myanmar. We support grassroots activists who deliver critical services to their communities while laying the groundwork for peace, justice, and accountability.


The Philippines

Corrupt leaders and political violence have undermined a proud tradition of human rights in the Philippines and failed to improve social or economic conditions. We support more than 20 organizations with bold visions for economic, political, and social equality.



Despite being a popular tourist destination, Thailand has grappled with political turmoil for more than a decade. We invest in community activists who, despite the challenges, continue to fight for economic, environmental, and political justice for marginalized people.


We’ve delivered more than $8.1 million in support in Southeast Asia

to over 95 grassroots groups working to address:

Success Story

Empowering Women, Transforming Communities

More than 250,000 Karen people—one of Myanmar’s ethnic minorities—have been displaced by armed conflict. But Karen women and girls face an additional challenge: their own patriarchal society.

The Karen Women’s Organization, or KWO, teaches Karen women about their rights, empowers them to take on leadership roles, and provides critical services to people impacted by Myanmar’s ongoing conflict. Learn more about KWO’s vital role in Myanmar’s human rights movement.

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