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Sub-Saharan Africa

The violent legacy of colonialism persists in Sub-Saharan Africa—but local activists are reclaiming the future for their communities.

Though conflict, corporate exploitation, and human rights abuses continue to haunt the region, grassroots organizations from Uganda to Sierra Leone have won major victories. With support from the Fund, community groups are resisting dictatorships, rehabilitating child soldiers, and fighting for equality across the continent.




Burundi has experienced little stability in recent decades. We invest in grassroots human rights organizations that offer hope and support to the communities most affected by violence, poverty, and corruption.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

The resource-rich DRC continues to struggle with armed violence, corruption, and natural resource exploitation. We help local groups realize their visions for equal rights, sustainable development, and a peaceful nation.



After decades of instability, human rights abuses, and multiple coups, Guineans remain frustrated by the lack of economic and political progress. We partner with grassroots activists who have bold, hopeful visions for the future of their country.



Since the end of the Liberian Civil War in 2003, we have helped build the local movement for accountability and human rights. We support organizations working with young people, rural communities, and other marginalized groups.



Kenyan officials have cracked down on human rights activists in recent years. We help civil society organizations develop the networks, tools, and strategies needed to continue their critical efforts—together.



Civic space in Nigeria is under threat, as the government exploits technology and antiterrorism laws in the name of national security. We support activists and coalitions that are mobilizing to resist restrictions and defend their rights.


Sierra Leone

Two decades since its brutal civil war ended, much of Sierra Leone remains impoverished and underserved. We partner with grassroots and youth-led groups that offer solutions to problems like child trafficking, sexual violence, and youth unemployment.



Many marginalized or at-risk Ugandans—like women, LGBTQ people, and children—still struggle to claim their rights. We invest in community activists who promote equality and push back against prejudiced laws and policies.


We’ve delivered more than $42.9 million in support

to over 295 grassroots groups working to address:

Success Story

We Can End Violence Against Women

Women and girls in Uganda face shockingly high rates of domestic and sexual violence. Tina Musuya—executive director of Uganda’s Center for Domestic Violence Prevention, or CEDOVIP—has a novel approach for stopping violence and changing behaviors.

Learn how Tina and CEDOVIP have reduced the rate of violence against women and girls by nearly 50 percent in the communities where they work.

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