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South Asia

India—a nation of more than 1.3 billion people—presents a staggering range of opportunities and challenges for human rights activists.

The Fund supports more than 35 organizations across India who are helping people—especially marginalized from groups like women, LGBTQ people, and informal workers—claim their rights in the world’s largest democracy.




Despite its democratic foundation, many communities in India still struggle to access their fundamental rights. We work with activists around the country who have the power, courage, and commitment to deliver change.


We’ve delivered more than $17.9 million in support

to over 160 grassroots groups working to address:

Success Story

Stand-Up for Social Change

In 2018, we partnered with Marathi YouTube channel BhaDiPa and the media and arts collective Maraa to pass the mic on human rights. Together, we helped underrepresented voices break into India’s booming stand-up comedy scene.

On a 16-city tour of Maharashtra, comics from some of India’s most marginalized communities shared their personal stories, belly laughs, and an important message of social change with new audiences across the state. Watch BhaDiPa’s video to learn more.

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