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Labor Rights

Workers are the backbone of
the global economy.

But years of union-busting, corporate corruption, and exploitation have eroded labor protections and undermined the right to organize. Workplaces are becoming less safe, minorities are often excluded from opportunities, and informal workers—especially in the Global South—lack a social safety net.

The Fund works with grassroots activists across the globe to expand labor market access and protect labor rights through collective power. With our support, workers can build a just and equal future.

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exclude workers from the right to form or join a union.

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violate the right to collective bargaining.



are part of the informal economy.

How We Fight For Labor Rights

Expanding economic opportunity to everyone

No one should be excluded from the right to work because of who they are. We help activists increase access to the labor market for women, LGBTQ people, and minority or at-risk communities.

Strengthening formal protections for workers

Governments and employers have put profits over people, eroding workers’ rights. We help activists push for stronger labor protections, higher safety standards, and better on-the-job conditions.

Building the collective power of labor unions

The ability to organize is a cornerstone of fair labor. We help activists empower trade unions, associations, and collectives to advocate for their rights—together.

Providing informal workers access to services and support

More than half of the world’s employed population works in the informal sector. We ensure that activists are able to connect them with the social services and support they need.

Success Story

Protecting Domestic Workers

Domestic workers in Mexico are responsible for everything from cooking and cleaning to babysitting and gardening. Without formal protections, they endure terrible working conditions, poor pay, and regular abuse. That’s why Fund grantee CACEH (the Support and Training Center for Household Employees) created the country’s first domestic workers union. Thanks to their advocacy, Mexico passed landmark legislation granting basic rights like paid leave to 2 million domestic workers.


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Do you support workers’ rights??

Help us stand up for fair labor.

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Do you support workers’ rights?

Help us stand up for fair labor.

Donate Now

Or learn about more ways to get involved.