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Latin America

Through decades of dictatorships and civil wars, activists from Latin America have inspired the world. Today, the local human rights movement is stronger and more vibrant than ever.

From defending Indigenous lands in Honduras to creating Mexico’s first domestic workers’ union, activists supported by the Fund are on the front lines of social change in Latin America. Since 2003, we’ve offered the money, training, and connections they need to succeed—and stay safe.



El Salvador

El Salvador has some of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the world. We work with courageous Salvadoran activists to push for reproductive rights, promote women’s equality, and resist oppressive patriarchal systems.



After more than three decades of violence and civil war, Guatemala has made huge strides toward respecting human rights. We help local activists and organizations hold perpetrators to account and defend their hard-won freedoms.



Corrupt leaders and corporate interests have colluded to exploit local lands and silence dissent in Honduras. We give community-based activists the resources they need to build people power and demand change.



Caught between cartels and corruption, Mexico has endured years of extreme violence and human rights abuses. We support grassroots activists, coalitions, and movements who believe change is possible.


We’ve delivered more than $42.9 million in support

to over 295 grassroots groups working to address:

Success Story

Defending Peaceful Resistance in Honduras

Across Honduras, corrupt officials and corporations are developing huge extractive projects that pollute Indigenous lands and harm local communities. But when people speak up—like Erasmo, a farmer in southern Honduras—they’re arrested, charged with bogus offenses, and intimidated into silence.

Learn how MASSVIDA, a volunteer network of lawyers and community organizations, are helping people like Erasmo fight their charges and defend their fundamental rights.

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