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Global Activist

The Global Activist Alliance comprises dedicated donors who provide vital support for grassroots activists. Our members are key to making the long-term investments needed for activists to grow their movements and make lasting change.

Our Giving Levels

Membership includes several options and offers special benefits honoring your extraordinary commitment to human rights:

Give Monthly

Monthly donors lend support activists can rely on. You’ll receive a branded tote and reports on the impact you’re having around the world.

Donate over $500

With support starting at $500, you will help activists make critical gains toward equality. As a thanks, you’ll receive a tote, be recognized on our virtual giving wall and annual report, and get a digital report on the difference you’re making for activists.

Donate over $1,000

As a Trailblazer, you will drive activists’ work building social justice movements. Your generosity of $1,000 or more will be recognized in our annual report and giving wall, with personal updates on the change you’re driving, and be invited to join a unique virtual experience.

Donate over $2,500

With a gift of $2,500 or more, you become a Champion making it possible for human rights defenders to safeguard democracy and their communities. You’ll be thanked virtually and in in our annual report, as well as being invited to Fund events.

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Donate over $5,000

Change makers provide transformational support for grassroots activists tackling critical challenges, beginning with gifts of $5,000. In addition to recognition virtually and in our annual report, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to connect with activists and Fund leadership.

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Investing in the Fund is money well spent! The Fund is so well connected. The groups they support know what they’re doing. And it’s powerful to be a part of making long-term change possible.

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Joy Alferness
Fund Champion

Looking for Other Ways to Give?

Interested in donating by mail, bequest, IRA, or your donor-advised fund? Learn more about these and other powerful options for charitable giving.