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Equipping activists.
Mobilizing movements.
Improving lives.

The Fund for Global Human Rights is a public foundation that helps courageous activists create lasting change. We provide financial and strategic support to grassroots leaders and groups offering cutting-edge solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

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Stories from the front lines of COVID-19

As grassroots activists and community leaders across the globe adapt their work and respond to the outbreak of COVID-19, we share their inspiring stories of action from the front lines of the pandemic.


Women's Rights

The Fund backs women who are redefining their place in society, and ensuring all women lead lives free of violence and oppression, with equal access to economic security, healthcare, educational opportunities, and political participation.


Indigenous Communities' Rights

With the Fund’s support, indigenous groups are standing up to preserve their communities’ environment, health, and livelihoods—and pushing back against government and corporate exploitation.


LGBTQ Rights

The Fund helps fuel the work of LGBTQ leaders who are disrupting discriminatory practices, overturning homophobic and transphobic laws, creating safe spaces for the LGBTQ community, and demanding justice for hate-based violence.


Activists Resisting Restrictions

The Fund helps activists resist and overcome the physical, psychological, and digital threats to their work and security, while also building more vibrant, emboldened societies open to social change.


Children's and Youth Rights

The Fund works with youth activists and groups to ensure that children can defend their rights and can access opportunities to grow up educated, healthy, and safe.


Migrants' Rights

The Fund supports migrants, their families, and those advocating on their behalf to create more humane migration policies, provide support along migration journeys, and end the poverty and violence that often forces people to flee their home countries.

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