We’re just as committed to the organizations and people we help as they are to their causes. And as an ally to human rights defenders, the Fund seeks to maximize the flow of resources to local activists. To this end, we strive to keep our own costs to a minimum while maintaining effective and efficient programs:

Expenses FY 2016/2017

Program $11,433,676 (86%)
Administration $1,304,582 (10%)
Fundraising $495,151 (4%)

Smart Investing

Our deep connections to activists on the ground combined with the hard-won expertise of our staff help ensure that the Fund’s grants are smart investments, so donors can be confident our grantee organizations are credible, effective and sustainable. To find organizations, we rely on firsthand intelligence and work directly with organizations to ensure that they meet our investment criteria. With each grantee that we fund, we maintain on-going communication and metrics to measure effectiveness and impact. Our methodical approach to vetting and verifying enables us to invest in organizations that possess the credibility and skills needed to affect change on the ground.