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How Fund Grantees Are Responding to Turkey Earthquakes

Note: our total raised to date was updated on March 7. Following the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on February 6, Fund grantees in Turkey immediately began mobilizing—and so did our donor community. To date, our community has contributed $67,000: 100% of donations received through March 1 will go directly to groups on the ground working to provide immediate aid and build an equitable long-term recovery.

The challenges facing human rights activists in Turkey have been increasing every day since the initial quakes. They include the numerous aftershocks, as well as the 6.3 quake that occurred on February 20; misinformation; and skyrocketing costs of transportation and communication. Additionally, the communities they support—migrants, LGBTQ+ people, women—are likely to be overlooked by rebuilding efforts and particularly vulnerable to abuse, violence, or poverty in the months to come.

The generosity of our supporters is helping activists do what they do best: adapt to their communities’ needs and elevate their voices so no one is left behind.

Lider Kadin (Leader Women Association) is a women’s rights group that has harnessed its networks to help coordinate donations and distribution of food kits, clothes, and hygiene, maternal, and menstrual supplies to survivors in Diyarbakir and other affected areas.

Refugee Rights Turkey has created a web portal to centralize critical resources and counter misinformation. The portal lists updates and resources in 10 languages, including access to healthcare, a hotline for minors who are on their own, and asylum registration.

Aman Project, a group dedicated to the rights of LGBTQ+ migrants and refugees, is setting up direct transfers to affected LGBTQ+ people and their families to help them buy food, shelter, and transportation.

Faranat is a women-led grassroots group focused on increasing women’s and youth political participation. Following the earthquakes, they have mobilized to help affected women’s rights activists access safe shelter and relocation support.

Long after news feeds and other agencies turn their attention elsewhere, Fund grantees will remain, rebuilding their communities and meeting the needs of vulnerable people. Your help makes it possible for these and more grassroots activists to ensure a sustainable, equitable, and effective recovery. All donations through March 1 will be dedicated to Turkey relief and recovery efforts.

We are grateful to everyone who has given to this effort, with special thanks to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee for the outpouring of support from their congregation