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Urgent Appeal:
Earthquakes in Turkey

Help grassroots activists save lives after the February 6 earthquakes in Turkey.

Following two earthquakes that killed and injured thousands of people in and around Turkey, the Fund is working to deliver emergency support to 20 local groups providing lifesaving support and protecting the rights of marginalized people affected by the disaster. Your help is critical to ensuring a sustainable, equitable, and effective recovery. 

Donate $10 Donate $50

We accept donations in $ USD, £ GBP and € EUR.

Activists Make Sure No One is Left Behind

100% of donations will go to activists providing emergency relief.

Woman wearing a colourful dress and hijab holds her beaded necklace in a dim blue room.

Preventing exploitation of refugees and migrants

Local activists we support in Turkey support migrants and refugees who live with systemic inequality and injustice. Even in times of crisis, they face discrimination—and are often overlooked or excluded from government services. A gift will help ensure no one is left out of the recovery.

Who are we

Over 20 years the Fund for Global Human Rights has raised and invested more than $124 million into the work of 900+ activists and organizations across the globe. We have the systems in place to get money and support to hard to reach places, like those effected in Turkey, quickly.

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A medical professional holds a pressure monitor leading to the arm of their patient.

Activists Make Sure No One is Left Behind

Every dollar counts. This is your chance to make a lifesaving donation. 100% of your donations will go to activists providing emergency relief.

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