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2021-22 Annual Report

What does it look like to provide more than 350 grassroots groups with vital tools and resources over a year? That’s what our 2021-22 annual report explores.

During our last fiscal year, which covered July 2021 through June 2022, the Fund helped activists and organizations in more than 50 countries stand up to powerful abusers, work to end corruption, and advocate for the equality their communities deserve. With flexible funding, emergency grants, and other types of strategic support from the Fund, activists were able to secure critical victories in corporate environmental accountability and justice for crimes against humanity, tackle anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, push back on restrictions on reproductive freedom, and help people fleeing conflict in Afghanistan and Ukraine. We also launched a new initiative to close the global justice gap, the Legal Empowerment Fund, and created a fund for feminist leadership to honor the departure of our founding president and CEO, Regan Ralph.

The Fund also continued our commitment to our supporters through transparency and accountability. During the year, 89 percent of every expenditure went to program activities that directly supported courageous activists and their life-changing work. The remaining 11 percent covered expenses such as providing critical benefits for our global staff and introducing the Fund and our unique mission to new audiences.

Each life touched and every win was only possible because of you—courageous activists, dedicated donors, and innovative staff. We are grateful for your help moving the needle toward justice and equality and for being a part of the Fund’s community.