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The Regan Ralph Feminist Leadership Fund

This $1 million, five-year fund will provide vital resources to feminist leaders across the globe.

Our first report spotlighting the work of supported feminist activists and our donors’ impact is now available.

When Regan became the founding President and CEO of the Fund for Global Human Rights, we were a $1 million startup. As she steps down after 20 years of leadership, the Fund is a pillar of the human rights world. We’ve provided more than $124 million in support to more than 900 frontline activists and organizations in over 50 countries.

The Regan Ralph Feminist Leadership Fund was established to honor Regan’s commitment to bold new thinking and amplifying women’s voices.

Four womens faces as an example of feminist leadership
An image of Regan Ralph for the Feminist Leadership fund

About Regan and Her Impact

From her first day at the Fund, Regan defined our unique approach with a strategy of smart risk-taking and openness to investing in activists working in environments often viewed as too dangerous or nascent. Her focus on identifying and equipping activists from communities directly experiencing inequality and injustice is the foundation of our mission.

Today, the Fund is more needed and more capable than ever before. As we face new challenges, from rising authoritarianism to reshaping societies after the pandemic, we will draw on the fruits of Regan’s work—our passionate staff, dedicated supporters, and financial strength—and will chart a future built on our core values of respect, integrity, sustainability, agility, and inclusivity.

An image of Regan Ralph for the Feminist Leadership fund