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Help deliver critical resources to grassroots activists working to help vulnerable people around the world access legal protections and shape the law. Your gift will power local activists tackling systemic injustices and inequalities.


Program activities

11% covers our ability to raise funds and move them to the activists we support.

Your Donation Has Immediate Impact

For 20 years, The Fund for Global Human Rights has been the expert in moving money and strategic support to activists working on the front lines in their communities.

We’ve earned top ratings from charity watchdogs for maximizing your donation with a commitment to accountability and transparency.

$20 Donation

Can help activists in Tunisia advocate for clean water.

Give $20

$100 Donation

Can help activists in Myanmar secure citizenship for ethnic minorities.

Give $100

$200 Donation

Can help activists in Uganda bring digital literacy education to LGBTQ women.

Give $200

Other ways to give

Interested in donating by mail, bequest, IRA, or your donor-advised fund? Learn more about these and other powerful options for charitable giving.

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Donor-Advised Fund

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