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You Did It: $450,000 Raised for Activists!

Yes, we gave away the big news in the headline: Thanks to the generosity of our community, the Fund raised $450,000 for grassroots activists through our #ShareYourPower campaign!

This support makes it possible for activists around the world to continue standing up for democracy, vaccine equity, climate justice, women’s rights, and our fundamental freedoms. Together, we are providing the tools and resources that they need to organize and speak out on behalf of their communities.

Here at the Fund, we’re inspired by your generosity. Every like or shared Facebook post, every email forwarded to a friend, every gift made—it’s been heartening to see our community come together to support activists taking on our world’s greatest challenges.

As we look ahead, we know there’s much to do. So, we’re already at work ensuring activists have the tools they need to build on their successes in 2021 and identifying new groups with bold solutions.

Thank you for sharing our dedication to supporting courageous activists and another year of powerful change.

Learn more about how the activists we support are helping communities claim their rights.

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