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The Fund Announces $10 Million Gift from MacKenzie Scott

The Fund for Global Human Rights is thrilled to announce that we have received a $10 million gift from MacKenzie Scott.

Over the last three years, Ms. Scott has reimagined the role that private charity can play in creating social change, donating billions of dollars in flexible funding to innovative nonprofit organizations. Today, the Fund is proud to be among the latest recipients.

With this extraordinarily generous support, we’ll be able to double down on our core mission: identifying the most impactful grassroots activists and equipping them with the money, tools, and strategic support they need to build a better future for their communities. For 20 years, the Fund has fueled the work of hundreds of visionary activists, organizations, and movements in over 50 countries around the world.

This one-time general support grant will allow us to invest in critical initiatives dedicated to climate justice, legal empowerment, and the protection of embattled activists, while increasing staff capacity and strengthening our ability to serve local groups.

“We are humbled by this transformational gift from MacKenzie Scott,” said President and CEO Regan Ralph. “Thanks to her generosity, the Fund is better prepared to meet this challenging moment and to help our grantees deliver real, lasting change to millions of people worldwide.”

This gift isn’t just an investment in the Fund. It’s a testament to the incredible work of the grassroots human rights activists that we support. And it couldn’t come at a more important moment. Around the world, civic space—the beating heart of any free society—is under attack. Authoritarian leaders, intent on rolling back our hard-won gains, are enacting repressive new laws to silence activists, stamp out opposition, and consolidate control.

In the face of growing restrictions, local civil society urgently needs our solidarity. The Fund is proud to offer the long-term, flexible support they need to succeed.