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Statement: The Fund Stands in Solidarity with Centro Prodh

Photo courtesy of Centro ProDH.

The Fund for Global Human Rights stands in solidarity with the activists of Centro Prodh against recent unfounded allegations made by the government of Mexico.

In a series of public press conferences this month, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador accused Centro Prodh—a longstanding Fund grantee—of intentionally undermining his government’s agenda. He claimed, without basis, that Centro Prodh serves the interests of right-wing conservative actors. 

These accusations come after alarming revelations that the Mexican government employed the notorious Pegasus spyware to surveil Centro Prodh’s director and two additional staffers. 

For over three decades, Centro Prodh has been a pillar of Mexico’s human rights movement. The activists of Centro Prodh have documented grave human rights violations, provided free legal counsel to those seeking redress, advocated before international mechanisms, and targeted corruption, police abuse, and the culture of political impunity through their strategic litigation. They have also been a critical ally for smaller organizations, including campesino and Indigenous groups. Their trainings, support, and mentorship have helped build a broad, cohesive human rights movement in Mexico. 

More than 400 Mexican human rights activists and organizations have already condemned Lopez Obrador’s inflammatory statements. The Fund stands in solidarity with Mexican civil society against these spurious allegations, which malign and discredit Centro Prodh and endanger the essential work of human rights defenders across the country. 

We are proud to continue supporting Centro Prodh in their fearless pursuit of justice.