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Join the Fund’s Digital Activist Community

The Fund is excited to announce the launch of our Digital Activist community–a network of global human rights supporters using their voice online to help boost grassroots activists across the world.

Digital Activists are all about bringing the work of Fund grantees to a wider audience, so their creativity and courage can inspire more support for grassroots activism. If you’re active on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and want to lend your hand in the fight for human rights, this is the community for you.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an exclusive monthly round-up of inspiring stories and videos featuring groundbreaking activists. We ask that you share these with your friends and followers on social.


We all have our role to play in creating a better world. The more awareness we can create about human rights defenders and their vital work, the more support and solidarity we can drive their way. 

In the coming months, there’ll be more exciting news about our Digital Activist community.

Sign up as a Digital Activist and help promote human rights online today.