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Hope in Action: Thank You

Over the past weeks, we’ve shared stories of hope in action from the human rights champions who inspire us.

From Abdul Manaff Kemokai in Sierra Leone, who believes in a better future for the children of West Africa, to Supaporn Malailoy in Thailand, who is helping the villagers of Klity Creek secure their rights after a decades-long struggle for clean water, these activists are shaping their communities and changing the world around them. We hoped that their powerful stories would inspire you to give back—like activists do every day.

Today, we’re delighted to share that our #HopeInAction campaign raised more than $293,000, including a generous matched gift from an anonymous donor. On behalf of everyone here at the Fund, thank you. Your commitment to funding frontline activism changes lives worldwide.

“The success of our #HopeInAction individual giving campaign was the result of team collaboration at all levels, from the board to staff around the world,” said Fund President Regan Ralph. “But this campaign really belongs to the activists whose remarkable work spurred us—and our whole community—into action.”

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we are ready for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2020. With our local partners around the globe, we’re strategizing, planning, and preparing to spread hope to more communities.

We know the people most affected by human rights abuses are best equipped to develop their own solutions. That’s why we focus on community-driven, grassroots initiatives. But these frontline defenders need financial support, resources, and a strong network of allies to bring about meaningful, lasting change. That’s what our grantees count on us to deliver.

The generosity of our community means that the Fund can continue to provide the long-term, flexible financial assistance and strategic support that has catalyzed the work of trailblazing activists since 2001.

We launched #HopeInAction to celebrate the human rights activists who inspire us and to share their remarkable work with the world. We are thrilled that their stories have moved and energized you, as well.

It’s always darkest before the dawn. But each morning, despite daunting obstacles, fearless human rights defenders rise with the sun to fight another day for a better tomorrow. The Fund is proud to stand with them as a partner and ally.

Together, as a community, we rise to greet each new day with a renewed commitment to our shared values of respect, integrity, agility, sustainability, and inclusivity. As a new decade begins, let us look to the future with hearts full of hope—ready for action.

More than ever, your support allows us to continue equipping activists, mobilizing movements, and improving lives. Together, we can create lasting change in the world. Thank you for being #HopeInAction.

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