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Fund President and CEO Regan Ralph to Step Down in 2022

After two decades of service and devotion to the Fund for Global Human Rights, founding President and CEO Regan Ralph has announced she will be stepping down in 2022.

“Leading this exceptionally talented and committed team of activists has been the privilege of my lifetime,” said Regan. “What we’ve achieved over the last 20 years has been nothing short of remarkable.”

Under Regan’s leadership, the Fund has grown from a radical start-up to an important pillar of the global human rights movement. Her steady hand has steered the organization through growing pains, global crises, and a historic pandemic. And with her direction, we’ve moved more than $110 million dollars to over 800 frontline activists, groups, and movements around the world.

Today, the Fund is ready to face the new challenges of our changing world. Across the globe, emboldened autocrats are intent on rolling back our hard-won gains. The Fund’s core values—respect, integrity, sustainability, agility, and inclusiveness—have never felt more relevant or necessary.

That is why, after reflecting on all the Fund has achieved in the last 20 years, Regan has decided to let new leadership define the Fund’s future.

“Renewing and refreshing our leadership is vital to the Fund’s long-term impact and success,” said Regan. “This is an opportunity to reimagine what kind of leadership will help us adapt to a changing world, realize our vision, and deliver on our ambitious goals.”

Our Board of Directors—with the input of Fund leadership, staff, and external consultants—is undertaking a global search to identify the Fund’s next president and oversee the executive transition.

“Regan and her team have shown us all what brilliant human rights activism looks like—and how an organization like the Fund can thrive with inspired, passionate leadership,” said Board Chair Chris Canavan. “We will miss Regan every day after she moves on, but the Fund’s continued success will remind us daily of her incredible leadership, vision, and commitment to human rights.”

As the Fund has grown, we’ve built an incredible community of people—both inside and outside of the organization—dedicated to its values, mission, and vision. In the coming months, we look forward to celebrating Regan’s legacy and achievements together.