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Save LGBTQ+ lives in Uganda

As the world celebrates Pride month, LGBTQ+ lives in Uganda are under threat.

A new law means gay people face the death penalty, or 20 years in prison for standing up for LGBTQ+ rights. Take action this Pride month, and join the fight against this law.

Take Action


We’ve got 20 years’ experience in saving LGBTQ+ lives in Uganda and other homophobic countries around the world. Donate to our emergency fundraiser and help activists who are on the ground in Uganda right now provide:

  • safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people to stay
  • HIV medication, which is in desperately short supply
  • legal representation to people accused of loving who they want
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LGBTQ+ individuals face eviction, job losses, imprisonment, and even death, their future is incredibly uncertain. Your support will help strengthen Uganda’s LGBTQ+ rights movement. You can fight discrimination and make a difference.

David Mattingly
Vice President for Programs
The Fund for Global Human Rights

make a difference. GET REWARDED.

Pride month is not only a celebration of the progress the world has made on LGBTQ+ rights. It’s an opportunity to take action and save queer lives. If you answer that call today and make a monthly gift of $5 or more, you’ll receive a free tote bag and handwritten message from our team saying thank you.

You can make the difference for LGBTQ+ people in Uganda this pride and get the chance to wear your values. Together, we can defeat hate.