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Top Human Rights Podcasts You Need To Hear

Want a new way to learn about activists? Here’s a round up of podcast series and episodes discussing some of the most important topics in human rights today.

Tune in for thought-provoking discussions and interviews about everything from how activists tell their story to the art that keeps them going.

Red Better Human Podcast logoBetter Human

Hosted by human rights lawyer Adam Wagner, this podcast tackles both current issues and evergreen human rights topics from Ukraine to violence against women and online privacy.


Strength and Solidarity

Journalist and advocate Akwe Amosu gives a powerful look into the daily work and lives of frontline activists, including the support and care that helps them carry out their often dangerous and stressful work, as well as the art and music that sustains them.


Pod for the Cause: Ep5—Winning the Narrative 

Host Vanessa Gonzalez and messaging experts explore what it means to craft messages and outreach focused on hope and community—and how this approach can help activists succeed.


Conduit Conversations: S11, Ep2–Interview with Atieno Odhiambo

Atieno Odhiambro, director of the Legal Empowerment Fund, explores the effects of the global justice gap on people’s lives and how legal empowerment can help more people worldwide live with justice and dignity.


Gender at Work: Ep20–Feminist Leadership Transitions

This episode of the series on gender and feminism in the workplace focuses on how generational shifts at feminist organizations can bring both questions and new opportunities for smashing the patriarchy.


Justice Matters: Ep34–Leadership, Support, and Activism in the Human Rights Arena

Fund President and CEO Regan Ralph sits down to chat about what it’s really like leading a human rights organization today and how flexible funding can help activists navigate crackdowns and shift power in their communities.