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Three LGBTQ+ Activists Changing the World

At a time when attacks on LGBTQ+ rights are at an all-time high, courageous activists across the world are pushing back. The Fund for Global Rights is committed to providing the resources and emergency support they need to stand up to discrimination and to remain safe.

Meet three incredible grassroots LGBTQ+ rights activists whose fights for respect and equality are changing lives and our world.

Empowering Trans People in El Salvador

A trans woman wearing a multi-colored dress walks during a Pride parade, the progress pride flag in her right hand.

While growing up transgender, Bianka Rodríguez experienced abuse at home, in school, and when applying for jobs. Today, Bianka is the executive director of COMCAVIS TRANS, a group dedicated to protecting the rights of the country’s LGBTQ+ community, including through legal empowerment. The group provides legal aid for LGBTQ+ people seeking justice for the systematic violence and discrimination they face. Bianka and COMCAVIS TRANS are also leading the fight for legal recognition of gender identity, including a historic Supreme Court win and a proposed law to remove barriers to name and gender changes on IDs and other documents.

Fighting for A Historic Win in the Philippines

A young Filipino man with glasses wearing a pink polo shirt stands in front of a university building.

Jap Ignacio is only in his twenties but is leading a network of LGBTQ+ groups called LAGABLAB in advocating for the passage of the country’s first LGBTQ+ equality bill. The law, which was first introduced two decades ago, would be a critical step toward ending the discrimination and stigma that LGBTQ+ people experience at school, at work, and when seeking healthcare. Recently, Jap, LAGABLAG, and their allies created a “love letters” campaign encouraging lawmakers to pass the bill.

Protecting People Living in Fear in Uganda

A Black man holds a rainbow ribbon in his hands. His face is not shown,

Following the passage of one of the world’s harshest anti-LGBTQ laws in Uganda, courageous activists face incredible risks. LGBTQ+ people live in fear of being attacked or thrown into jail while going to get food, to work, or to the doctor. Already, two people arrested under the law could face the death penalty. Activists work to ensure that LGBTQ+ people have safe havens, and their basic needs are met. This includes hosting pop-up health clinics that provide mental health counseling and uninterrupted access to HIV testing and treatment. The Fund condemns the law and proudly supports the brave, life-saving work of Uganda’s LGBTQ+ activists.

This work is only possible thanks to the generosity of friends and allies like you. You can help activists make 2024 a huge year for LGBTQ+ rights around the world. Donate today.