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Hope in Action: Fighting for Human Rights

Across the world, human rights are under attack.

Repressive states continue to introduce draconian measures that outlaw opposition and stifle resistance. New technologies are being used to oppress and endanger the physical and digital security of activists.

Hostile actors vilify human rights defenders, using misinformation to smear and undermine their efforts, while the twin threats of right-wing populism and authoritarianism imperil civil, economic, and social progress worldwide.

Yet, each day, courageous frontline activists rise to confront the world’s greatest challenges and create solutions that bring opportunity, peace, and hope to their communities. They mobilize resources, people, and ideas to build movements and shift the balance of power.

Despite enormous risks, they are showing the world what hope looks like in action.

Today, we’re launching our #HopeInAction campaign to share their stories.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll hear about thousands of survivors of sexual violence who marched 10,000 kilometers across India to challenge a culture of stigma and silence.

We’ll tell you about a group of grandmothers in Honduras, whose tireless advocacy for migrants’ rights has moved governments to act.

And you’ll hear about how the Fund is supporting these trailblazing activists who are making real, meaningful differences in their communities.

These powerful displays of resilience and resistance are the stories that animate and inspire us. When progress feels impossible, these stories remind us that there’s so much hope left in the worldand so many people who haven’t given up.

At the Fund, we are awed by what our partners around the world have accomplished, and we are proud to stand with them. Their unwavering dedication to a better future is matched only by our commitment to their success. We hope these inspiring stories of activism will energize you the same way they motivate us.

More than ever, we need these courageous determined activists to give us hope that millions of people worldwide will one day have access to basic resources and the opportunity to live with dignity, equality, and justice.

Learn more about our #HopeInAction campaign.