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COVID-19 worsened existing inequalities and devastated communities, economies, and lives. Vaccines are a way to end the pandemic—but only if everyone across the globe can access them.

Grassroots activists are fighting to ensure that vaccines reach people in the Global South. To succeed, they need us to share our power and fuel this lifesaving work.

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Of people in the world’s poorest countries have received a COVID-19 vaccine.


Vaccines stockpiled by wealthy nations may expire by the end of 2021.


The estimated cost of vaccine inequity by 2025.


Meet two grassroots organizations working to secure vaccine equity:

Making Sure People Come Before Profits

PODER, Mexico

Wealthy nations and drug manufacturers have promised to get more vaccines to the Global South. Activists with the Project on Organizing, Development, Education, and Research (PODER), based in Mexico, have helped launch an international campaign to hold them accountable. This includes calling on big pharmaceutical companies to share their vaccine manufacturing research and technology with others so that more doses can be produced worldwide.

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Securing Vaccines for Migrants

ALECMA, Morocco

In Morocco, an estimated 30,000 migrants have been left out of vaccination programs, mostly due to a lack of documentation. Light on Irregular Migration in the Maghreb Association is a grassroots association of Sub-Saharan African migrants working to get their community vaccinated. They’re also pressuring the Ministry of Health to address vaccine equity in migrant and other vulnerable communities.

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