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Free expression is a cornerstone of democracy. And it’s under attack.

Authoritarian leaders and corrupt forces across the globe are restricting people’s ability to speak out against injustice, and demand change. And those who do are increasingly harassed, monitored, jailed, or even murdered.

Undeterred by these scare tactics, brave activists persist. They are defending our freedom of expression in the courts, in communities, and on the streets. Stand with them and send the message that freedom of expression must be protected and respected.

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Governments have misused laws to persecute journalists, protesters, and activists since the start of 2020.


Of people worldwide live in oppressed or closed countries.


Freedom of expression has been in decline.


Meet the grassroots activists and organizations working to defend free expression:

Defending The Right to Protest

The Defenders Coalition, Kenya

Activists in Kenya are experiencing a crackdown—particularly regarding freedoms of assembly and expression—as authorities abuse COVID-19 regulations and anti-terror laws to silence their critics. The Defenders Coalition has provided much-needed legal support to activists facing prosecution. The group also provides livelihood support to activists who have been ostracized because of their work.

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Uncovering The Truth

El Faro, El Salvador

El Faro (meaning ‘the lighthouse’ in Spanish) is an independent media group based in El Salvador. They courageously cover stories like vaccine equity, organized crime, and government corruption. They also speak out regularly about the importance of protecting freedoms of speech and expression. This work attracts powerful enemies: President Nayib Bukele has launched a smear campaign against the outlet and individual writers, and the government regularly denies them access to information.

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