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The Fund for Global Human Rights works with Ugandan organizations in achieving an accountable government which represents the views of the people, respects human rights, and allows activists and journalists to advance those rights unfettered.

Ugandans face an uphill battle for the realization of their rights. Women and girls face significant barriers to economic independence and experience high rates of intimate partner violence. Unregulated and destructive oil and mining threaten rural communities’ health and livelihoods. Harassment and physical attacks on LGBTQ people are widespread and often ignored or even encouraged by authorities. Laws that provide protections to refugees are routinely not put into practice.

Cyclical voter repression and routine crackdowns on freedom of assembly and association, as well as freedom of speech and the press, make Ugandan grassroots groups a critical source of legislative pressure and social justice.

The Fund supports more than 25 organizations in Uganda. These groups focus on promoting socio-economic equality, while providing vital leadership roles for women, youth, and marginalized people. They are helping secure land, marriage, and divorce rights for women, pushing back against anti-LGBTQ violence and legislation, and advancing environmentally sound development practices.

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