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The Fund for Global Human Rights is committed to supporting Indian communities marginalized because of their class, gender, caste, or sexual identities in reclaiming their constitutional rights to justice, dignity, and access to equitable economic opportunities.

India is a democracy, but one where many face barriers to full participation in society. Unregulated and unprotected workers, who compose 86 percent of India’s workforce, are vulnerable to abuse and unsafe labor practices. Women, girls, and those of historically marginalized castes (particularly Dalits, formerly called “untouchables”) experience high rates of violence. And while a law prohibiting homosexuality was overturned in 2018, LGBTQ people continue to advocate for their rights in accessing housing, education, healthcare, and employment.

India’s people are eager to develop creative solutions to these human rights challenges while also facing emerging obstacles such as increases in unemployment.

The Fund supports more than 25 organizations in India. These groups focus on ensuring that women, Dalits, and LGBTQ people can access mechanisms for demanding socio-economic equity and justice for human rights offenses. The Fund’s flexible grants allow the organizations to build large-scale support through increased membership, implement strategies to drive short and long-term socio-cultural reform, and propel sustainable development.

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