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Support Lifesaving Aid in Morocco

In response to the devastating earthquake in Morocco, the Fund is supporting local grantees with an emergency fundraising campaign.

Your support will help local organizations provide lifesaving food, shelter, water, and clothing for people affected by the disaster right now.

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We accept donations in $ USD, £ GBP, and € EUR.


100% of your donation will directly support Fund grantees and staff in Morocco.

Create Safe Spaces

Fund grantees have been working in the region to provide women and migrants with important educational opportunities and safe spaces.

With communications in the region interrupted, the Fund’s grantees can connect local residents with urgently needed aid and protection for the most vulnerable.

Who We Are

For over 20 years, the Fund for Global Human Rights has raised and invested more than $140 million into the work of 900+ activists and organizations across the globe. We have the systems in place to get money and support to hard to reach places, like those affected in Morocco, quickly.

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Activists Make Sure No One is Left Behind

Every dollar counts. This is your chance to make a lifesaving donation. 100% of your donations will go to activists providing emergency relief.