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Women’s Rights

The Fund for Global Human Rights partners with women in claiming their rights to education, healthcare, and fair wages, as well as justice for gender-based violence and increased opportunities to hold decision-making roles in society.

Advancing women’s rights is the primary aim of 40 percent of Fund grantees. We also work with grantees focusing on other issues and populations to ensure that their strategies also amplify women’s rights and voices.

Gender equality remains one of the world’s most critical unrealized human rights. Women continue to struggle to achieve justice for domestic violence, sexual assault, or labor abuses. They encounter legal barriers to owning property, accessing reproductive health care, or voting. Poverty, armed conflict, and exploitation of natural resources have particularly devastating implications for women and girls. These obstacles are often compounded by ingrained bias which prevents many women from achieving economic independence and realizing their potential as leaders.

The Fund supports women-led activists who help women and girls secure their health and economic well-being and enact socio-political change that enables their full participation in society. In addition to funding, we convene women-focused organizations across regions to strategize around common challenges and to link women’s rights and other local activists for collaborations that fortify each other’s work.

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