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Migrants’ Rights

The Fund for Global Human Rights supports grassroots organizations and leaders around the world who are resolutely defending the rights of migrants to safe passage, due process, and access to healthcare and education.

An estimated 1 billion people around the world today are migrants; more than two-thirds of whom are forcibly displaced. Their journeys are treacherous: desperate to flee violence, oppression, and poverty at home, they may choose to cross an inhospitable desert or board a makeshift boat without life preservers. Along the way, they are prime targets for robbery or sexual assault.

Those who arrive at their destination often find themselves in a state of limbo, stuck in detention centers or migrant camps with limited access to legal and healthcare services. Children who are separated from family or unaccompanied by caregivers have particular barriers to advocating for their rights.

Fund grantees provide critical services to people undertaking these perilous journeys in search of safety and a better life. They document abuses to shed light on the need for stronger protections and humane policies for migrants. They create hotlines and other means for families back home to discover the whereabouts of their loved ones. And they work to end child trafficking and ensure that young migrants can stay safe and resume schooling.

In addition to flexible financial support, the Fund provides migrants’ rights organizations focused on North Africa, Latin America, and Asia with unique opportunities for learning and cross-regional collaboration. This enables experienced groups to advise others facing a recent increase of asylum seekers and facilitates the development of more effective strategies to educate governments about migrants’ needs.

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