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India in Crisis: Support the Grassroots Response

*Our India Crisis fundraising campaign has ended. Thanks to all that contributed to the grassroots response.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, grassroots organizations in India have stepped in to fill the gaps and provide aid to the country’s most vulnerable communities. Now, as a deadly second wave ravages health care and other support systems, these activists on the front lines need our support more than ever.

To date, community-led groups supported by the Fund have helped more than 1 million people across 19 states secure the food, shelter, protective supplies, and aid they need to survive, while also continuing to tackle the inequalities that left communities vulnerable in the first place:

Samarthan, Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, Samarthan is helping more than 8,000 laborers receive wages and set up rural COVID care centers.

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DISHA, Gujarat

DISHA is connecting nearly 850 villages with grain, medicine, and agricultural support in Gujarat.

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Izad Foundation, Bihar

In Bihar, The Izad Foundation is providing emergency kits to some of the poorest Dalit communities and their advocates.

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National Network of Sex Workers

Members of the National Network of Sex Workers are distributing food rations and ensuring sex workers can access assistance programs.

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You can save lives today.

Every gift will go directly to activists on the ground working to protect families and communities who have nowhere else to turn.

Please note that as this fundraising campaign has ended, donations made could be used for other programs protecting human rights around the world.

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