Types of Grants

Regular Grants

The Fund aims to be a long-term resource to the organizations that we support. Every year, our Board of Directors approves funding for human rights organizations in the eighteen countries in which we currently maintain grants programs. Grants typically range from $5,000 to $30,000 and provide largely unrestricted support to frontline groups working on a range of issues. By providing unrestricted funding and renewing support for grantees, we help foster their growth and independence for the long term.

When we first start funding in a country, we disseminate an open call for proposals for rights groups based in that country. As our grants program for a country matures, we renew support to the majority of current grantees and rely on the expert knowledge of our staff and a network of informal advisors, including current grantees, to find and fund additional organizations with the greatest need and most potential. To that end, the Fund does not accept unsolicited grant proposals for regular funding.

Emergency Grants

Human rights organizations persistently face danger and hardship. Our Emergency Fund gives us the flexibility to make grants outside of our regular funding cycle . These grants can help protect the security of activists under threat.

Donor-Advised Grants

The Fund values collaboration and is happy to assist other donors whenever possible. One way we do this is by making grants outside of our regular funding cycle when requested by individual or institutional donors. The Fund generally makes donor-advised grants only in our special focus countries, although we will make exceptions where the need is great. If you are interested in learning more about donor-advised grants, please contact: development@globalhumanrights.org.