Funding Criteria

The Fund does not currently accept unsolicited grant proposals for regular funding.

The Fund makes grants to local, national, and regional non-profit, human rights organizations based in the countries where we have grant programs. Our programs are currently in Morocco, Tunisia, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Burundi, Thailand, the Philippines, and Burma.

The Fund defines human rights activities as those that seek to challenge the structures of power so that they defend, protect, and promote human rights. The Fund does not have thematic restrictions and supports organizations working to address a wide range of human rights problems. For example, some of our current grantees defend indigenous land rights in Guatemala, promote women’s rights in Morocco, and struggle for accountability for war crimes in West Africa.

We do not support stand-alone conferences, individuals, businesses, scholarships, fundraising events, university-based research, government agencies, micro-credit programs, construction of roads, bridges, buildings, wells or medical facilities, or activities directly or indirectly intended to support candidates for political office.

We also do not provide grants for service delivery development projects unless they are part of a broader human rights program. For example, the Fund generally does not support literacy training, vocational training, or social/psychological/medical services, unless these activities are part of an integrated strategy to provide the recipients of these services with human rights education and with tools to defend and demand their rights.