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Indigenous Communities’ Rights

The Fund for Global Human Rights equips indigenous and rural communities with critical resources to defend their land and natural resources against exploitation and promote sustainable development and economic opportunity.

Imagine being forced off the land your community has farmed for centuries without compensation due to corporate development. Watching your children play where soil and air has been contaminated by mining. Or never knowing the whereabouts of a parent who went missing after demanding a living wage.

For indigenous people and other minority groups in rural communities across the globe, colonialisation has been followed by marginalisation, poverty, discrimination, and near constant threats against their culture, land, and livelihoods.

The Fund works with indigenous-led groups in every region in which we work, including through a corporate accountability programme that focuses on ensuring that local communities can determine how their land is used and promoting the well-being of local people and the environment. Through general support grants, legal and technical support, and connections with other locally-rooted groups, the Fund is helping indigenous and rural communities mount effective judicial challenges to land grabs, demand a voice in their country’s political system, and push back against environmental degradation.

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