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Why Is #GenderJustice Important? Exploring this Question via Twitter Chat

Last Tuesday, November 15, we joined nearly 150 other organizations and activists on Twitter to talk about about the importance of gender justice. The Twitter chat, which was structured as a series of questions by Foundation for a Just Society, offered folks who support women’s and LGBTI rights around the globe a chance to talk in real time about gender-focused activism.

Below are a few of our favorite parts of that conversation:

Question 1: How do you define #GenderJustice? Is it defined differently across + outside of the United States?

Question 2: What does it mean to have a #genderjustice approach to #philanthropy?

Question 5: How do we uncover assumptions + biases about gender in #philanthropy? #GenderJustice

Question 6: How do we encourage #philanthropy to embrace #genderjustice activists + movements?

Thanks to FJS for including us in this important conversation and all the participants; we’re excited to keep this conversation going!

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