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Our Approach

The Fund for Global Human Rights believes that the people most affected by injustices are best positioned to address them. This work requires agility, creativity, and, often, confronting tremendous risks.

The Fund works to identify, nurture, and protect groundbreaking activists.

Our approach is unique for a grant-making organization:

Give general support grants that equip activist groups to develop their own visions for achieving equality and justice and to be nimble and resilient.

Take smart risks on up-and-coming grassroots groups and leaders. Some of our grantees who have never received external support before our funding have gone on to become nationally and internationally recognized activists.

Mentor activists to dream big and anticipate and overcome obstacles. Our program officers come from the regions where we work and have close, trusting relationships with local groups.

Connect grantees with each other and with experts to share knowledge and develop flexible solutions that can be scaled regionally or globally.

Invest in the long term because we know real change takes time. We typically support grantees for five to 10 years to grow as organizations and maximize impact.

Foster organizations’ sustainability by supporting the groups where they are now and where they’re headed, as well as providing emergency support when needed.

Evaluate our impact by measuring the critical difference being made in communities worldwide, as well as identifying areas for improvement.

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