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About the fund

The Fund for Global Human Rights equips grassroots activists with the financial and strategic support they need to improve lives, mobilize movements, and build a better future for their communities.

Since 2002, the Fund has raised and invested over $100 million into the work of community activists in more than 50 countries. We provide bold local leaders with the funding, tools, and contacts they need to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Why Local Human Rights Groups?

A girl forced to leave school to marry. A textile worker who cannot get back pay to feed her children. Families whose farms are being demolished to build a mine. When people face barriers and exploitation, courageous individuals and communities step forward. At the Fund, we believe in the power of all people to build a better future for their communities.

We focus on advancing community-driven and grassroots initiatives because we know the people most affected by human rights abuses are best equipped to develop their own solutions. To succeed, however, they need financial support, skill-building resources, and a strong network of allies—and that’s what we deliver.

Our Theory Of Change

OUR VALUES: Respect, Integrity, Agility, Sustainability, Inclusivity

By equipping locally-rooted activists and organizations with the right resources, we can build stronger, more resilient human rights movements with the power to create long-lasting social change.


On-the-ground expertise and accompaniment

Commitment to working in
partnership with community-based activists and groups

Flexible funding for activist-driven solutions


Shift power by moving financial and technical resources to the front line of human rights struggles

Expand awareness of and support for human rights activism

Bolster resilience of human rights defenders and movements

Connect pioneering community-based groups and promote collaboration across borders and issues

Enable resistance to restrictions
on activism


Stronger, more inclusive, diverse,
and resilient human rights groups and movements that bring about meaningful, lasting change in attitudes, behaviors, laws, and communities, their countries, and beyond


Everyone deserves to live with dignity and have the power to secure their rights to equality
and justice


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