Our Mission and Values

“As one of the Fund’s partners for over seven years we have never felt that we were being ‘dictated to’– it has been one of the most equal partnerships that we have experienced with any donor organization.”
Anindya Hajra, Pratyay Gender Trust, India

Our Commitment to the Cause

  • We’re in it for the long haul
    We are as committed to the organizations we help as they are to their cause. We’re here to make a difference—no matter how long it takes.
  • We have rare access
    Our ability to identify and vet viable frontline activists—including those not well-known because they are based outside capital cities or work on cutting-edge issues—gives people like you access to organizations that would otherwise lie beyond their knowledge and reach.
  • We’re passionately objective
    We approach every area with a commitment to research and on-the-ground analysis that informs our strategies and allows us to make smart investments in credible, effective organizations.
  • We’re dedicated to the big picture and big changes
    Our dynamic approach connects pieces of the puzzle and advances human rights in a holistic way that results in large, lasting, and relevant changes in the regions where we work.