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Queer in Uganda: Leticia’s Story

Growing up, Leticia knew that she was different. But when she came out to her family as transgender, they forced her into the streets.

Determined to end the stigma and violence faced by the LGBTQ community in her country, Leticia helped found Queer Youth Uganda (QYU), an organization that pushes back against LGBTQ bias and provides young community members with safe spaces.

Watch Leticia’s story of determination and hope.

“Leticia is a courageous and powerful individual who fights for equality and the rights of all Ugandans,” says Tony Tate, the Fund’s program officer for Uganda. “It is important in both the US and abroad, to stand in solidarity with those who fight injustice and discrimination.”

The Fund for Global Human Rights has supported QYU since 2010. As part of our #HopeInAction campaign, we are honored to share Leticia’s story as the first in a series of courageous activists whose dogged pursuit of justice, equality, and a better world brings hope to their communities, and to us all.

Learn more about our #HopeInAction campaign.

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