Supporting Locally-Rooted Organizations: The Work of the Fund for Global Human Rights in Mexico

The following is an abstract from an article published in the June 2014 issue of Sur International Journal on Human Rights, an initiative of Conectas.

By Ana Paula Hernandez

Through concrete examples of the Fund for Global Human Rights’ grant-making experience in Mexico, the article discusses the importance of supporting both large organizations with national and international reach as well as locally rooted groups that have direct and ongoing contact with communities affected by human rights violations. Locally rooted organizations face an upward battle in obtaining resources, yet they play a vital role in

  1. identifying and responding to community needs,
  2. enabling affected communities to advocate on their own behalf, and
  3. bolstering national and international policy campaigns

by mobilizing a grassroots constituency and monitoring the implementation of human rights protections. Diversifying funding and ensuring resources reach both front-line activists and larger organizations contributes to a more effective civil society and brings us closer to the critical social change that funders were created to support.

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