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Staff Spotlight: Meet the Fund’s New Youth Rights Champion

Empowering young people to become champions of social justice and human rights has been a longstanding mission at the Fund for Global Human Rights. Our Children’s and Youth Rights Program (CYP) is a multi-region grantmaking initiative that connects and empowers community-based and youth-led groups to combat violence and discrimination, build power of young people and their movements, and promote positive change. Since 2006, CYP has been at the forefront of supporting the rights of children and youth globally and remains committed to empowering young people to take charge of their own futures.

Now, as the organization and the program expand their efforts to promote the rights of children and youth around the world, we’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of the CYP team.

Meet Dorah Muhanuuzi—a passionate young lawyer and writer who has dedicated her career to advocating for young people’s rights. As a consultant with the Fund, Dorah will play a critical role in implementing a participatory grantmaking initiative with young people with disabilities in Uganda and a new initiative to promote economic livelihoods of young people in West Africa.

“I am excited to help young people build a global movement for their rights, and to empower them to take charge of their own futures and make their voices heard on the international stage,” says Dorah.

“Dorah has spent years working with young people in a variety of contexts, and I am so grateful that she is bringing that wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Fund,” said John Kabia, who leads our work with children and youth. “She also adds an important new voice to our program—that of a young person herself.”

As a trained lawyer, Dorah is well versed in the legal frameworks that protect the rights of young people. In previous roles, she’s used this knowledge to help young people navigate complex legal systems and advocate for their own rights. And as a writer, she’s been able to give a voice to young people from all levels of society, amplifying their stories and shedding light on the challenges they face.

But perhaps most importantly, Dorah has a deep commitment to empowering young people with disabilities, who face unique challenges and hold incredible potential to create positive change in their communities. Through the participatory grantmaking initiative in Uganda, she will be working closely with young people to identify and support their own priorities for change and to advocate for their rights.

As the Fund expands its efforts to promote the rights of children and youth, Dorah will play a key role in shaping this work’s exciting future. With her dedication, expertise, and commitment to youth leadership, she is a powerful force for change in a world that sorely needs it.

Please join us in welcoming Dorah to the Fund!