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New Grantee: Prensa Comunitaria (Guatemala)

Meet one of the newest Fund grantees in Latin America: Prensa Comunitaria.

Prensa Comunitaria, based in Guatemala City, Guatemala, is an independent media outfit that is shining a critical light on human rights abuses perpetrated against rural communities. The Fund is thrilled to be supporting their work exposing corruption in Guatemala.

Across Guatemala, large-scale development projects—often led by extractive industries—have uprooted local communities, especially impacting rural and Indigenous lives and livelihoods. When communities push back against these invasive ventures, they often face intimidation, harassment, and retribution.

Prensa Comunitaria is on the front lines of this struggle, exposing corporate malfeasance, government corruption, and human rights violations. Recently, they partnered with the Guardian, the Intercept, and other media outlets to produce the Mining Secrets project—an explosive investigation into the shocking practices of mining giant Solway, published on Forbidden Stories.

Credit: Prensa Comunitaria

But Prensa Comunitaria’s remarkable scoops come at a high price. During a military operation to crack down on resistance to nickel mining in El Estor, journalists working for Prensa Comunitaria faced arbitrary intimidation and arrest. Government security forces illegally seized their equipment and searched their homes.

With the Fund’s support, Prensa Comunitaria aims to strengthen solidarity between independent journalists in Guatemala and expand community journalism networks in the region. Their work will be focused on teaching self-care to local journalists, defending the fundamental freedoms of speech and expression, and promoting and protecting feminist journalists, who face particularly aggressive retribution.

“Considering the risks, few journalists are still doing the work to expose corruption and human rights abuses in Guatemala,” says Ricardo González Bernal, who leads the Fund’s Latin America portfolio. “We’re so proud to be supporting the vital community journalism of Prensa Comunitaria.”

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