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The Philippines

The Fund for Global Human Rights is committed to supporting Filipino people and communities in securing justice for human rights violations and increasing access to basic services and essential resources, despite increasing restrictions on activism.

The Philippines has continued to grapple with poverty, corruption, and violence following the People Power movement of the 1980s which ousted Ferdinand Marcos. Since President Rodrigo Duterte took office in 2016, tens of thousands of alleged drug offenders (users or dealers) have been killed by police or unidentified gunmen. Journalists and activists are facing new restrictions on their work. And rural communities and laborers are easily exploited by private companies.

Building upon a rich history of activism and social movements, the people of the Philippines are eager to pursue economic, political, and social equality.

The Fund supports more than 20 organizations in the Philippines. These grassroots groups are documenting human rights abuses, helping LGBTQ people confront biases and barriers to education that contribute to poverty and HIV infection, educating workers about exercising their rights, and pushing back against private companies encroaching on rural communities’ lands.

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